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Cannabis DeStigmatized - Making the case for CSCs in Ireland

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Irish Canna Clinic support for Irish CSC

I have been creating multi disciplinary cultural events with varying degrees of success and failure in Barcelona ever since an Irish Arts Festival called El Feile back in 2004. I have witnessed the Spanish Cannabis Social Club (CSC)model develop and through shows with the legendary Howard Marks in 2011 (BCN) and 2012 (BCN & Madrid) I became very close to and enamoured by the ‘Social philosophy’ that underpins the movement.

Since my return to Ireland since 2016 I have come to know that Irish people mostly just perceived the CSCs almost like Amsterdam as somewhere to visit while on holiday for the curious while not fundamentally understanding that they are so much more than buying cannabis. They are about HUMAN RIGHTS and SOLIDARITY that spans a very big community marginalised by failed drug policy.

At Irish Canna Clinic we so identify with all the model of the Spanish CSC and when properly regulated they can be a solution for Ireland’s PERCEIVED CANNABIS PROBLEM. Triggered by my involvement on some of the Irish activist groups I felt compelled to make sure the voices of the CSC were clearly heard, understood and made available to everyone from adult users to patients and hopefully in the end the politicians.

The first talk took place with 2 of the world’s most coveted and directly experienced speakers on the subject Patty Amiguet and Ana Afuera. Through 2 incredibly informative presentations and Q & A the model was clearly spelt out.

And through collaboration with Martin’s World fast becoming Ireland’s premier activist media platform mixing interviews with a brilliant ‘420 News’ that goes live every Monday/Wednesday/Friday and anyone with an interest in the subject MW gives a real time finger on the pulse of all that is happening with Canna in Ireland.

With Martin we managed to help arrange an interview with the biggest name in CSC culture, Albert Tió who is currently separated from his young family along with 2 others serving a 5 year sentence in the open prison of Lledoners. (NOTE: Also home to several Catalan Independence politicians ALL victims in ICC opinion of disproportionate sentencing by a Madrid judiciary.)

Please take a look at both videos available now and forever and SUBSCRIBE to both the ICC and Martin’s World You Tube channels to stay up to date with the fight to create Ireland’s first CSC

ICC with Patty and Ana: Click Here

MW with Albert Tió: Click Here

Stephan Garland

Canna Culture

The UN rescheduling in 2020 of Cannabis that recognised the medical properties in the plant has caused a long needed contagion as countries and individual states across the world reassess their legislation. Cannabis has finally once again being accepted as medicine and the shackles are off to study the properties of this amazing plant.

Unfortunately there remains a lot of prohibition but changes in legislation is coming fast everywhere. The recent US election changed legislation across many states and now means that 1 in 3 patients there can safely and legally access cannabis joining its neighbour Canada and is edging towards federal law change. It is reflected in business as Cannabis stocks are soaring as countries seize the moment to be part of the developing billion dollar industry.

And so our own little Ireland is increasingly looking ready to fully join the club and this year 2021 Gino Kenny from the PBP will enter a bill to fully legalise Cannabis in Dáil Éireann and the recent establishment of many new advocacy organisation things are getting very exciting indeed…

We want this patient led Irish Canna Clinic to be central to this development and empower Irish patients with the knowledge and education they need to understand how this amazing plant can help with the treatment of so many conditions. We have created
a network of Ireland’s most knowledgeable educators to shed light on your medical journey.

We are delighted to announce that we are restarting our collaborative talks with the European and global bodies of SSDP Students for Sensible Drug Policy in an effort to help broaden the constituency of an educated progressive movement right across the island with meaningful actions planned for April 20th or the iconic activism date of 420

The ICC will always seek to help remove the stigma from Cannabis, and create a space and promote measured adult conversation that might reach our politicians to bring attention to the massive opportunity that is developing around the world right now!


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